Dynamic Storage ECS-S3

The following passages explain how to create, manage and use Dynamic Storage.

Create a Dynamic Storage Pool

Create Dynamic Storage pool 1) To create a Dynamic Storage pool, click on "Add Dynamic Storage"

Create Dynamic Storage pool 2) Enter a name for your new Dynamic Storage Pool and click next.

Create Dynamic Storage pool 3) Enter an Account ID.

4) Email and Mobile Phone are filled in automatically with the values in your extranet user account

Dynamic Storage order summary 5) Check the values in the order summary and order the Storage Pool by clicking on the button Submit Order.

Note: You will receive an email with an encrypted ZIP file that contains the shared secret as well as a SMS with the key to extract the ZIP file. You will need the shared secret to authenticate on the Dynamic Storage platform.

Manage ECS-S3 API Storage Pool

Manage ECS API 1) Click on the people icon to manage S3 accounts for the specific storage pool. To delete a Storage Pool click on the "X" icon and follow the required steps.

Manage ECS API 2) You can manage S3 Buckets , reset the secret access key , reset the shared secret , or delete an account, by clicking on the correspondent icon.

3) To create a new account click on "Create Account" and fill in the required information.

4) Click on the Virtual Drive download link to get the CIFS-ECS Drive, or download the S3 Browser application, which presents you a virtual drive to access files stored on the Dynamic Storage Pool.

5) For more information about Dynamic Storage please see the Dynamic Storage User Guide All Guides

Note: To access Dynamic Storage EMC Atmos API you have to use the correct URI respectively:

  • Internet access / Storage network (in DCS): ds11s3.swisscom.com

Manage ECS-S3 Buckets

Manage ECS S3 Bucket 1) When managing your S3 account click on "Manage S3 Buckets"

Manage ECS S3 Bucket 2) Click on "Create S3 Bucket"

Manage ECS S3 Bucket 3) Give your bucket a name and submit your order.

Note: You're also able to delete an already existing bucket from here by clicking on the "x" icon

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